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RGC offers a full range of planning services associated with preparing official plan amendments, zoning by-law amendments, draft plans of subdivision, site plan approvals, minor variances, and severances for an extensive client base. 

Since 1984, our talented, experienced design professionals have been committed to providing efficient, cost-effective, functional, and environmental performance, with social+economical planning for commercial, industrial, and residential projects. We have developed a diverse portfolio of projects by focusing on, the unique qualities of each project.




Urban Garden




OUR KEY SERVICES differ for each project specific.


Taking a City or Town and moving it from Good To Great is the fundamental responsibility of Every City stakeholder.- R. Grittani

We aim to make our best efforts to advance our project planning to implement success with every design. This has remained a Key performance standard with RGC for over 38 years of practice.

Our firm at the outset aims to establish clear terms of reference(s) related to Planning applications with Jurisdictions across the Province of Ontario.


  • Site plan Design and development

  • Zoning Matrix schedules

  • Committee of Adjustment applications for Consent and Minor Variances;

  • Planning Opinion Letters;

  • Planning Diligence reports for Real estate advisors and Lendor’s;

  • Site plan approval applications;

  • Official Plan Amendment and, Zoning By-law Amendment applications;

  • Planning Justification Reports;

  • Urban design Briefs and reports;

  • Application submission and management of Civic applications;

  • Response letters to Orders to Comply or Stop work orders;

  • Conservation Authority applications;

  • In-house services required for GIS mapping, AutoCad, Revit, and Graphics for presentation documents;

  • Public consultation with either Virtual or, in-person meetings;

  • City or Town Council representation and speaker;

  • MCR submissions;

  • Master community design and representation;

  • Heritage planning consulting;

  • Consolidation of Expert witnesses and consultants for each project;

  • Project management, schedules, and Matrix documents for each project;

  • Cost control and contract administrator’s as owner’s agent for each project



RG Consulting Inc. is a member in good standing with the following Ontario Professional Association:  





RG Consulting Inc has successfully contributed to many developments in the Golden Horseshoe of Ontario, Canada.

Our skills and capacities are multiplied by our ability to assist landowners and developers with consulting services for each project.

Understanding and networking with Real Estate professionals, developers, Builders, and Legal Professionals for many years of practice is an added value service RGC offers to their clients. Infill lot development, public spaces, Employment zone projects, High rise developments, and owner representation, are, a few of the tasks that RGC has been retained to provide.


“Any question is a good one” is one of our key business philosophies, and RGC aims to best serve its clients with efforts to answer and implement solutions and negotiations.



Ralph P. Grittani

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